SA Financial Solutions is affiliated with Tax Law Solutions (“TLS”) which is a group of highly skilled tax attorneys (one of the top ten tax attorneys in the country) and accounting professionals, that design comprehensive and customized strategies that in most cases allow you to significantly reduce you taxes. TLS has structured more than five thousand tax planning strategies specifically tailored to their clients’ business and personal situations. In each of those five thousand cases, the clients already had tax advisors, and those advisors believed they were “already doing everything they could” to reduce their clients’ taxes. Yet, those clients’ income taxes in most cases were significantly reduced through implementation of TLS recommended strategies. TLS works with your current tax advisors to implement these strategies, you do not have to change accountants or CPAs. TLS is most appropriate if an individual is self employed or a business owner and pays greater than fifty thousand dollars in tax on an annual basis.

If you are interested in learning more about Tax Law Solutions, please use the contact form or call us at (210) 497-8743.