Financial Planning

When people think financial planning, they often think of investments and growth for retirement. Often forgotten are the additional planning pieces needed to insure long-term goals and objectives are met. At SA Financial Solutions we believe in a holistic approach to planning, meaning that in addition to investments we look at items such as income planning for the future, estate planning, asset protection, life insurance and long term care. Our experience and belief is that if one area of planning is ignored, it can often have detrimental effects on the other areas of the financial plan.

We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive plan through the following:

  • Meet individually to discuss long-term goals
  • Evaluate the current financial situation / plan
  • Develop a personal financial plan addressing all areas of concern or need
  • Implement the plan and proactively make changes when necessary

The professionals at SA Financial Solutions believe that follow up once your plan is in place is vital for your success. We meet with our clients on at least an annual basis, often times more, to discuss planning matters and ensure that all questions and concerns are answered. We provide our cell phone numbers to clients so they can always reach us should a question arise. We firmly believe that direct communication and answering clients’ questions accurately and expeditiously provide us clients for life.